8 Professional Networking Apps That’ll Crack Your Next Job Search

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2. MeetingPlay

This dedicated mobile app provides access to need-to-know details. Leading brands ranging from Mercedes-Benz to Marriott use MeetingPlay to arrange outstanding events and create meaningful connections.

You can check out an event’s schedule to stay on top of must-see sessions. A personalized home screen delivers maximally relevant content to get people engaged.

Get details about other attendees from their profiles by scanning the QR codes on their badges. A direct-messaging tool lets you capitalize on learning as much as possible from new connections.

Alternatively, the conversation wall works like a group chat. It facilitates learning, sharing ideas, and giving input in a real-time setting.

Social media is often a crucial element in job searches. MeetingPlay offers social media profile integration. That feature allows posting content directly from the app for followers to see.

Like Brella, MeetingPlay uses algorithmic technology to propose meeting suggestions. There’s an option for the meeting organizer to help people meet each other, too.

Download: MeetingPlay Events for iOS | Android (Free for attendees)

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