5 Intelligent iPhone Email Apps to Sort & Organize Your Inbox

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It’s a good time to say goodbye to the Apple Mail app, especially if you use a Google account. Mail.app, while a reliable client, doesn’t offer anything more than the traditional inbox experience.

In this day and age, where so much of your work, personal and travel life revolves around email, that’s just not enough.

Intelligent Email?

The App Store is filled with intelligent email apps. These apps do some of the heavy lifting for you: special sections for newsletters, intelligent replies, previews for arriving packages, and automatic travel plan tracking. The one big intelligent feature that the Mail app doesn’t have a smart inbox.

Apps with smart inbox feature only show you the most important emails from contacts you care about and hide everything else. If you use email for everything and anything, this little feature is really helpful.

The apps listed below do all of that and much more. They’ll support your Google account and they’re all free to download.

1. Spark

Spark is currently the poster child for a rock solid intelligent email app. Between a customizable smart inbox, smart notifications, natural language search, Quick Replies and iCloud sync, it’s not difficult to see why: it’s available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch; it behaves the same on all platforms; plus it’s free.

Spark intelligent email apps iphone 1

Spark starts you off with a smart inbox which contains sections for newsletters and notifications. Spark is all about the smarts. You can search email using natural language, and the Smart Notifications feature only notifies you about emails that it thinks you’ll care about.

Spark intelligent email apps iphone 2

Personalization is core to Spark. You can add and remove widgets like calendar, pins and more from the home screen. The four swipe gestures are customizable as well. It comes with a built-in calendar and the ability to pin messages. And as your settings and account sync between devices, you’ll have the same experience whether you’re using your iPhone or your Mac.

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