The Best Apple Watch Apps for Weather, Chats, Anime, and More

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Unlike the iPhone, the Apple Watch isn’t exactly known as a place for apps. Apple rightfully continues to focus on improving the strengths of the device, including health and fitness tracking.

But while not every iOS app makes sense for the Apple Watch, there are a number of great choices that focus on providing a quick glance of information.

Here are of some of the best Apple Watch apps in a number of different categories.

Best Apple Watch Weather App: Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather App for Apple Watch

Carrot Weather isn’t your usual weather app. Along with up-to-date information about what’s happening outside, the main draw of this awesome app is the hysterical Carrot AI that brings a big dose of personality to the weather. And that fun transfers over to the Apple Watch.

The best feature on the wearable device is the ability to customize the app’s screen to display the information most important to you.

Two different subscription options bring even more features to the watch. These include background updates, precipitation notifications, complication customization, and even an animated radar image. The app is completely optimized to work with the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, so you can check the weather even away from your iPhone.

Download: Carrot Weather ($5, subscription available)

Best Apple Watch Chat App: WatchChat for WhatsApp

WatchChat for WhatsApp Apple Watch

While there’s no official WhatApp app for the Apple Watch, a number of third-party options will give you access to the chat service on the small screen. The best available is WatchChat for WhatsApp.

On the Watch, you can easily view all your chats, including group chats. The app also lets you start a new chat directly from the watch. You can reply to friends and family using a keyboard, quick replies, dictation, and Scribble. It’s also possible to listen to voice messages and view pictures sent through WhatsApp.

If you’re a WhatsApp fan, make sure you’ve checked out the best new WhatsApp features.

Download: WatchChat for WhatsApp ($3)

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