Everything the Apple Watch Does Better Than the Fitbit Charge

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Charge 2, for example, has a particularly annoying interaction model. There’s only one button on the side which you use to cycle through top-level functionality like fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring and so on. To cycle through different options in a particular list, you need to tap on the screen, with a bit of a vigor. And to start an activity, you need to tap and hold the side button. And because this is not a “real” touchscreen, the tapping part can be a hit and miss sometimes.

Fitbit Charge 2 Tapping

This experience is a bit better on Fitbits like Ionic and Blaze. The ones which have a real capacitive touchscreen. But here as well, Fitbit’s lack of software design prowess is striking. Watch faces aren’t interesting. You can get notifications but can’t do much with them. Plus, most both Fitbit smartwatches are downright ugly.

Different Approaches to Fitness Tracking

Apple Watch is Better Than Fitbit 3

Functionality wise, Fitbit Charge 2 and Apple Watch Series 1 have the same basic functionality where fitness tracking is heavily dependent on your phone’s network and GPS. Apple Watch Series 3 (and Apple Watch Series 2, which Apple doesn’t sell anymore) comes with a built-in GPS. This lets you track your outdoor workouts without the need for your phone.

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