10 Mac Reminder Apps That Outperform Apple Reminders

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When you’re looking for a reminder app, it’s tempting to use a built-in solution like Apple Reminders. But you have plenty of alternatives to consider on your Mac.

While Apple’s Reminders is a simple solution, it lacks advanced abilities and an elegant design. It only offers the bare minimum, suitable for tallying lists for shopping and personal activities, but not much more.

Here are ten alternative reminder apps for Mac that are worth a look.

1. Clear

Clear is one of the most interactive reminder applications on Mac. Delivering a bright experience, the app allows users to customize lists with colors and use gestures to quickly organize them.

Organizing tasks using this list view allows for a distraction-free focus zone for managing reminders on your Mac. And the gestures integrate perfectly with your trackpad or Magic Mouse, allowing you to swipe and connect with your tasks. Clear lets you sync with iCloud to link to your iOS devices, so you can access your tasks from anywhere.

Download: Clear ($10)

2. Wunderlist

One of the most well-known task management apps, Wunderlist offers a whole range of features for managing reminders.

It allows you to add due dates, files, comments, notes, and tags to any of your reminders. Within the dashboard, you can sort reminders into projects, giving you ultimate organization options. Setting up recurring reminders gives you all you need to set up habit-based activities.

Microsoft purchased Wunderlist in 2015. While it’s still available for now, the company plans to eventually retire it in favor of its new Microsoft To-Do app. For now, though, Wunderlist is still touted as one of the best task management tools.

Download: Wunderlist (Free)

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