Top 5 Websites To Research Weird Science Claims

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During my “free time” – I know, ha-ha right? – one of my passions is researching and either verifying or debunking strange and wild claims. In fact, together with a good friend from the UK, we started a website devoted to investigating such bogus science claims. While that research started primarily focused on Ufology, lately we’ve started branching out into fringe science and physics.

One of the most amazing things that you’ll discover when you start poking around into the field of fringe science is that it’s a field filled with about 90% scam artists (most researchers label them as snake-oil salesmen), and 10% legitimate science. Many of you have probably seen some of the outlandish bogus science claims related to free, renewable energy technologies, anti-gravity devices and the like – but there is also some remarkable research taking place in legitimate labs across the country. One example would be brain-wave interfacing with computer systems, a cutting-edge technology which even the U.S. Army is currently exploring. computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science

Now, the fact that there could be legitimate science mixed in with all of the bogus science claims leads countless risk capital investors to throw their money away by investing in many of the snake-oil salesmen schemes. Due diligence only goes so far – some of these con-artists are brilliant at making quantum physics theory sound practical. So, where should people go to try and verify whether any of these fringe science claims are legitimate?

I’m going to resist the urge to plug my own website, because there are so many sites out there that have been at this work for far longer – so here are the top 5 websites where you can research wild and bogus science claims.

Exploring Fringe Science – To Debunk Or Not To Debunk?

Exploring the world of the strange and unusual can be difficult for a lot of people. While you want to open your mind enough to the possibilities – as a friend of mine once told me, you also don’t want to open up your mind so much that it becomes a wind tunnel. To truly explore the edge of science, you need to maintain a conservative, guarded yet open-minded approach. The following websites will help you with that, so that you can explore these amazing new areas of science without slipping off the cliff and falling down a bottomless rabbit hole. computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science

The first website is also one of my favorites – The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science

The “Committee” is more popularly known as “CSI-COP” since 2006, they changed their Acronym to simply “CSI,” and they publish the magazine called the Skeptical Inquirer. The organization is run by founder and Chairman Paul Kurtz, Chairman Richard Schroeder, President Ronald A. Lindsay, Executive Director Barry Karr and Research Fellows Joe Nickell, Massimo Polidoro and Richard Wiseman. computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science

As a team, and with the support of Fellows and writers from across the world, this organization and website stands as a beacon of truth for all serious investigators in the areas of the paranormal and fringe science.

The next excellent resource for hard-hitting reviews of the latest fringe research is Popular Mechanics.

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