The Ultimate Guide to Cellular Rejuvenation: The Top 17 Best Anti-Aging Supplements and Foods to Help You Stay Young Naturally

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Aging Is More than Skin Deep

Aging affects every part of your body—how you look, feel, and function. It affects your hair, face, and body in more ways than you probably realize. By the end of this article,you will learn what Master Li seems to have known, too—that you can extend and even reverse your years using natural anti-aging remedies. Some of the herbs that do this are EGCG (found in green tea), turmeric, red grape juice, coffee, hawthorn, gingko, hops, fennel, fenugreek, red palm oil, as well as anti-aging supplements like nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)R-alpha-lipoic acidubiquinol and CoQ10, vitamins, minerals, and numerous other compounds that have the power to make a real impact on how long you live and how young you look. We will use these elements and others to improve cellular function and increase hormonal levels to stop and reverse deep changes, at every level of your body, right down to the bones.

We tend to think of aging as an effect on the skin—wrinkles, creases, and sags as far as the eye can see. But as you age, every layer of older skin is depleted and disorganized, from the outermost epidermis to the supporting muscle and the deepest fat layers. Topical anti-aging products and preparations, particularly vitamin A derivatives and natural vitamin E, can repair and plump up the epidermis, the top layer of the skin, and make the surface look smoother and less wrinkled. This is very welcome, of course.

But aging does not stop at the upper skin layers. It profoundly depletes the deeper layers, leading to unmistakable signs that no makeup can disguise and only anti-aging supplements, foods and products that work at both the cellular and hormonal levels can repair. Not even cosmetic surgery can correct some of these consequences, like pallor due to the loss of capillaries or the loss of youthful lip, eye, complexion, and hair color due to the loss of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. In my book, Bio-Young you can learn how to repair even these seemingly irreversible changes by using safe, natural substances.Although using natural anti-aging supplements and substances can make you look decades younger, please keep in mind that the exciting science that explains the mechanisms that underlie their actions is very young and fresh. The bulk of our knowledge about what happens as we age comes from studies that have appeared in the last ten years and have only been available, for the most part, in scientific journals.

The Ultimate One-Two Punch: Cellular + Hormonal Function

To achieve true anti-aging effects, you must activate cellular mechanisms, plus biochemical and hormonal anti-aging pathways, and restore them to youthful functioning. So it’s important to understand how the combination of certain anti-aging supplements, foods and herbs can promote deep and long-lasting effects.

Why this approach? When you improve cellular function, every one of your cells operates better, and this yields great results. When you improve cellular function through natural anti-aging supplements, you reverse your age in a real, biological sense. Your cells are younger, and you look younger.

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