7 Swift Coding Challenges to Practice Your Skills

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When Apple announced Swift way back in 2014, people were rightfully skeptical. Nobody knew if it would catch on, and many questioned the need for yet another programming language to learn.

But then Swift went open source in 2015, and though it didn’t explode overnight, the language has steadily grown. There’s never been a better time to learn! We’ve covered online Swift tutorials as well as mobile Swift tutorials, but where do you go once you have the basics down? computer science computer science computer science 

Once you’re comfortable with the language, consider testing your skills with these Swift coding challenges. Not only are they fun and stimulating, but they’ll give you the confidence you need in your own abilities. computer science computer science computer science  computer science computer science computer science  computer science computer science computer science  

1. Codewars

computer science computer science computer science  computer science computer science computer science  

Codewars is the best place for practicing coding challenges of any kind, including Swift. The entire system is gamified, meaning you gain experience and level up with every successful challenge. It uses a similar ranking system as Go: you start at 8 Kyu and advance all the way to 1 Kyu. computer science computer science computer science 

Challenges (called “kata”) are categorized by their difficulty. Fortunately, there are thousands of challenges available, so even if you level up too quickly, you can always go back and work on the easier ones. Challenge types include algorithms, data types, string and number manipulation, control flow, puzzles, logic, and more.

What I love about Codewars is two-fold: first, finishing a kata lets you see the solutions submitted by other users, and second, users can create their own katas so the collection of challenges grows daily. It’s truly one of the best coding games for sharpening your skills. computer science computer science computer science 

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