7 Best Resources to Monitor the Latest Google Search Algorithm Changes

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Having a site that’s popular in the search engines is like balancing on a log that’s floating on a river.  You may try to lean in the direction you think the log is going to go, but one wrong move and you’re in the water. The log — like Google’s algorithm — is very unpredictable. computer science  computer science  computer science 

The point of the game when you’re trying to make your mark in Google’s search listings is to know exactly when the change took place in the algorithm, and to understand exactly what changes were made.

In some cases, you’ll immediately know that a search algorithm change occurred, because your traffic will shift up or down in a very big way. Other times, you may not see any traffic at all, but if you don’t know about the changes, you may be missing out on some very important opportunities to grow your website’s organic search traffic. computer science  computer science  computer science  computer science  computer science  computer science 

Understanding the Google Algorithm

When you type a search query into that simple-looking search field on Google search, you are actually typing an input value into a number of computer programs and formulas that Google uses to understand your search, and to go out and find the web pages on the Internet that offer the best content related to what you’re looking for.


computer science  computer science  computer science  computer science  computer science  computer science 

As the absolute largest and most popular search engine on the Internet, the Google algorithm has gone through many generations of changes over time — and as of today Google’s algorithms use over 200 “clues” to identify the most relevant websites, including terms on website pages, where the person entering the query is located, the Page Rank of the website, how fresh the page content is, and much, much more. computer science  computer science  computer science 

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