6 Helpful Machine Learning Tutorials and Courses to Grasp the Essentials

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Machine learning is the future of automation. Millions of tasks performed by humans on a daily basis will be eventually replaced by neural networks trained. Even now, machine learning algorithms shape your life.

The job market is shifting to accommodate this new technology, and those who are capable of programming their own networks (or integrating with existing ones) are in high demand. computer science computer science

There has never been a better time to dive into machine learning. Here are six useful tutorials and resources to help you learn about machine learning. computer science computer science computer science computer science

1. The Coding Train

Anyone familiar with Daniel Shiffman’s YouTube channel will know about his excellent tutorials on both processing and p5.js. His fun style of real-time teaching has helped countless people learn the basics of coding.

As well as his many coding challenge videos covering single topics, Shiffman also has an incredibly thorough machine learning playlist. computer science computer science computer science computer science

These videos are especially useful to those wishing to learn Java or JavaScript as their primary language. Happily, the concepts covered in the series apply to any language of your choosing. computer science computer science

The Nature of Code, Shiffman’s much-loved book, devoted its final chapter to neural networks. It stands alone as an excellent introduction to the field. The work has been continued both on The Coding Train YouTube channel and his personal GitHub page. computer science computer science computer science computer science

The great strength of learning this way is Daniel Shiffman himself. A natural teacher, he gives clear examples of how code interacts with machine learning algorithms. computer science computer science computer science computer science

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