27 Easy Everyday Tips To Being Healthier, Feeling Sexier And Living Longer

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1. Laugh More.

There’s a reason they say laughter is the best medicine. Studies from the University of Maryland show that while relieving stress, laughter promotes a smooth blood flow and healthy blood vessels.

2. Don’t Worry So Much About Calories.

Calories aren’t the enemy. Calories are energy. If you boil down everything you eat to meaningless math, it takes all the fun out of food. Nutrition isn’t just simple numbers, but a commitment to knowing what’s in what you eat and taking ownership of it.

3. Get a Dog.

According to research, people who have dogs are twice as likely as those without to engage in regular exercise, probably because that adorable little mutt takes a half hour of schlepping before he shits.

4. Eat Actual Food.

If you can point to the food in Cheetos, I’ll give you a dollar. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat Cheetos, just remember that it’s empty calories, so you need to balance it out with something that has actual nutrients in it.

5. Switch to Water.

Americans are chronic snackers, but routinely filling up with water instead not only helps you meet your daily needs (of up to a gallon a day) but cuts back on that constant craving for nosh.

6. Eat More Fish.

Nutritionists have long argued for the merits of the Mediterranean diet (high in white meat and fish), because fish is high in Omega-3s. There’s a reason that Italians live longer. Having a healthy amount of fish can lower your risk of heart disease by up to 33%.

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