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Interest in frugal living is definitely on the rise these days, with more and more people looking to reduce their material possessions and live a more intentional life.

Whatever your reasons – whether you’re in desperate need of a declutter, or you want to be a little more frugal to save more money each month – frugal living is a wonderful habit to create in your own lifestyle.

If you’ve been moving towards the goal of getting more frugal lately, now is the perfect time to start making better budget habits.

Below are some great frugal living tips for 2018 – select a few points from the list below each month, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a habit – with much less chance of you breaking that resolution!

I’ve listed my top ways to easily become more frugal this year, and even created a FREE printable to stick to a wall or keep in a draw – I recommend ticking off 2 – 3 of these tips each month and see how frugal you can get this 2018!

Remember, living frugally doesn’t necessarily mean learning to live with less – it just means being smart with your money. Find out more about how to be frugal here and see the 8 rules I always live by.

The tips below are all super easy, and somewhat obvious changes you can make to your life, but they can make a huge difference on your spending habits. Ultimately, it’s about freeing up your cash so you can use it how you want to, not how you feel you have to.

Be sure to let me know how you get on!

1. Use Up Your Leftovers

Christmas is undoubtedly one time of year where leftovers are aplenty, and many of us can be guilty of throwing some of those goods away rather than using them all up in time.

If you find yourself throwing away a lot of uneaten food, make using up your leftovers a habit to start this year. A few great ways to ensure you always have the correct amounts of food to eat each week include:

  • Plan out your food shops
  • Buy a durable set of tuppaware to store your leftovers safely
  • Portion out extras and store them in your fridge
  • Make use of your freezer! If you have leftovers that won’t be eaten in time, package and label them and keep in the freezer for another week instead of throwing out.

2. Take Packed Lunches (and Breakfasts…and Dinners!)

Spending £5 a day on a tasty lunch might not feel like a big expense, but if you do that 5 times a day every week, you’re looking at spending upwards of £1000 a year on food that could easily be made at home for far less money.

Cooking your own meals is not only cheaper, it can also be much healthier as you know exactly what is going into your meals.

Check out my post on 10 meal-prep meals perfect for packed lunches for some inspiration!

3. Avoid All Late Fees

Late fees are a totally avoidable expense, and that’s why this habit is so essential to start this year.

Set a reminder a few days before your bills are due to be paid, and make sure that you have budgeted enough to be able to pay these bills when they’re due.

A late fee of a few pounds each month might not seem like too much, but again, those fees really rack up if you take a look at the bigger picture over a year.

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