20 Easy Healthy Living Tips That Won’t Leave You Hating Life

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Most content about staying healthy leaves readers feeling that a healthy lifestyle is also a pretty inconvenient one. After a long day at work, who really has the time or energy to cook organic, gourmet meals that necessitate two hours of prep time, specialized kitchen utensils and ingredients?

Plus, not everyone can afford personal training sessions or a private nutritionist. To put it bluntly, a great deal of health advice demands too much effort, time and money.

Coincidentally, there are many health professionals who offer health tips that are realistic for the average working adult who has various life commitments and a budget.

Still, we tend to associate eating well, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with extra work, expenses and hassles. Check out some simple suggestions for staying healthy — you’ll almost feel like you’re cheating!


Some of the best muscle-toning workouts rely on only using your body weight. You can do exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, squats and lunges without any specialized equipment — or even stepping a foot outside of your bedroom.


These are a healthier option to frozen, processed meals, so long as you avoid cooking with excessive salt, fat and sugar. They also tend to work out to be cheaper than a ready-made frozen meal.


Choose a meal you love and plan accordingly so you have three or four helpings leftover afterward. This will spare you time in the kitchen but leave you with plenty of healthy home-cooked meals in the days to come.


Keep refilling it and drinking it throughout the day. You’ll be less hungry and it’s free. Staying hydrated is also one of the best beauty tips out there.

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